Emotional and Energy Healing

Effective Removal of Draining Emotional Built-ups And Energy Blockages
Talk, Feel and Trust

Why life coaching


Personal Development

By being aware of which needs drive your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and expectations – you can re-structure your reality and move towards what you value in your life


Relationship Management

How we think about ourselves, define how we treat, care for  and expect our relationships to enrich our lives – whether it be the relationship with your Higher Power, spouse, children, money, work, friends, etc.   



Awareness that you are much more than what meets the eye enables self-love, self-acceptance, appreciation, gratitude, unconditional love and non- judgmental attitudes


Living with Purpose

Being connected to who you really are, what you really value, living your true passions, according your own standards, and contributing to others gives purpose to life

My e-Book - Renew Your Life

‘Renew Your Life’ - a tremendous life-changing and rewarding journey!

  • ebookRe-discover yourself and live life to your real values!
  • Learn how to understand yourself, alter perspectives and stimulate personal growth through conscious awareness.
  • Learn how to alter the non-beneficial in your live and grow spiritually. Become aware of,  acknowledge and let go of those restrictive beliefs, the ‘stories’ you tell yourself –self-sabotaging-stuff that brings you down, often keeping you in a vacuum of unhappiness and despair...
  • Learn from the past, let go what’s draining, restructure and re-organize to live your life filled with joy, love, gratitude!



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What tools do I use?


Life Coaching takes you from feeling overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, hurt, helpless, hopeless, to new emotional heights you yearning for. 


Life Coaching with NLP is focused on the subconscious mind, which is the storage room of your life and steering wheel which drives your actions.

Energy Healing

Energy healing treatment is a natural holistic healing practice of the physical and emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Energy healing treatment is not a religion, cult or sect.

Negative Emotion Therapy

Negative Emotions like hurt, guilt, sadness, shame, render us low in energy, and with those dissolved, you will experience feelings of love, being loved and re-energized.

Relationship Improvement Management

People give meaning to our lives.  The relationship you have with yourself is of ultimate importance as to how you will relate to others and what you value. 

Coaching Packages

I offer two holistic package deals to my clients as i do believe that it is the holistic approach that out perform any other single approach.

Our programs are structured to deliver optimal and lasting results

Love from my clients


I would like to take the opportunity to share an experience that will stay with me forever. As a young girl I suffered a lot with depression as well as rejection by my biological father and grew up with strep family. This was very difficult childhood for me, because of fighting for a place in life. Not only was a rejected as young girl by a parent but my son’s father also rejected me while Read more

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About the coach

She has a caring nature and places a high priority on people’s internal value. She has the ability to connect with individuals on all walks of life. She is a dynamic, empathic, active listener who thrives on change, transformation and personal development. Her approach is open, empathic, warm, but focused on the coaching process to achieve the best results for her clients. Her firm but focused approach contributes to her success.

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