Serenity Coaching focuses on facilitating Emotional and Energy Healing on a one-one basis.  Our services are provided in a relaxed, soothing, non-judgmental and secure atmosphere.

Life Coaching is a profession that is profoundly different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling.  We utilize our mentioned fields of knowledge combined to address specific personal projects, general conditions and transitions in the client’s personal life, relationships or profession.  

By examining what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to re-create your life be what you want it to be.  We provide ongoing support, convenient flexibility to suite your personal requirements.



Man-in-sun-250-px-wideWith Transformational Life Coaching You Will get to the Iceberg beneath
Life Coaching takes you from feeling overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, hurt, helpless, hopeless, to new emotional heights you yearning for.  Are you running on autopilot, not achieving what you want?  Have you so many times tried to accomplish something, but to no avail?  Are you in a non-supportive relationship?  Feeling hopeless and helpless?  All these and much more will be turned around within a very short span of time!

Life Coaching the focus is on YOU!  Change is inevitable and Guaranteed!

  • Life Coaching transforms you from where you are now, to where you want to be!
  • Fast, Effective, Powerful  Techniques with guaranteed results!
  • Knowing yourself from the inside out – the why, how, where, when questions!
  • Overcome bad habits- procrastination, overeating, smoking or even binge drinking with ease!
  •  Life Coaching assists in creating new supportive habits/behaviour which enhances your life and support your values!
  •  Experience tremendous personal growth!

Life Coaching find the root cause of your emotional conflicts!

  • Remove Your Inner Conflict in no time!
  • Your Emotional Blockages Removed within hours!
  • How to set well-formed  personal goals and achieve what YOU want in YOUR life…

Life Coaching Empowers You!

  • How  your subconscious mind is steering you – surprisingly different from your conscious daily behavior and experiences!
  • Discover how your life’s puzzles became the way you see it now, today!
  • How to effectively communicate with yourself, and people!
  • How to set well-formed goals and achieve it!


Life Coaching with NLP is focused on the subconscious mind, which is the storage room of your life and steering wheel which drives your actions.  External stimuli, through your five senses are taken in and processed through your thought patterns, beliefs, emotions and result in certain behavioral patterns.

How you self-talk influence your feelings, decisions and actions can sabotage your success on various levels of life.  You may even say and think your whole life is a mess, while in fact one or two areas may cause you discomfort.

Life Coaching with NLP is a combination of many different social, neural, language, metaphysical, and positive psychology fields combined in process, to cause definite positive shifts in perceptions, and manifest positive desired change. All your beliefs, memories, thoughts are stored in the neurons within your body.  Clearing these dense and draining energies from your body and mind will enable you to take control of your life and assist you in a new way of being. 

Energy Cleansing and healing

energyReiki treatment is a natural holistic healing practice of the physical and emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Reiki is not a religion, cult or sect. I would describe it as a Universal Act or Gift of Healing Love. Reiki is a healing modality that embraces another in love without judgement and respects the spirit of good within each of us. Healing is an act of letting go of the shadows within, letting go of the rules that judge us, and rewrite our life-stories to that of acceptance, blissfulness and peace within. By letting go of old obsolete patterns, Reiki assists and uplifts us to our higher potential, -that – what we are intended to be!

Living in gratitude to the abundance we experience in this life – whether our perception of experience may be good or bad. It teaches the lessons we need to learn in order to expand our awareness on life’s journey! Reiki cannot always be seen with the eye, but the energy can be felt, and it needs that we be aware of the value and working with our conscious minds and awareness.


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Negative Emotion Therapy


Negative Emotions like hurt, guilt, sadness, shame, render us low in energy, and with those dissolved, you will experience feelings of love, being loved and re-energized.

Negative Emotion Therapy is focused on revealing the hidden root causes of emotional blockages and problem areas.  Effective and powerful techniques are utilized, to shift a client’s conscious awareness.   Through identifying the root cause of a problem area, it creates new choices, the individual, within his present circumstances.

In a conscious state of mind, obsolete thinking patterns, unsupportive limiting beliefs are changed and replaced for new supportive ones,  Internal  conflicts are dissolved, unwanted habits are replaced with wanted behavior, baggage from the past are released. Traumas are set at rest and unrealistic fears are overcome in a secure and safe environment.

Relationship Improvement Management

relationship-managementPeople give meaning to our lives.  The relationship you have with yourself is of ultimate importance as to how you will relate to others and what you value.  We project what we feel and see in ourselves onto others, causing a lot of havoc in our own lives.  Should you e.g. deem yourself a loser; other people will treat you that way.  Walk with confidence and self-respect and other will treat you accordingly. How you pre-judge or label another person will have the effect that he/she will live up to that perception.

We are tending to believe our pre-setup ideas about relationships according to how we grew up and expect our partners or family members to ‘know’ what our rules and beliefs are.  These internalized rules are your judge and jury at the same time.  We judge ourselves for not

Package deals

packagesI offer two holistic package deals to my clients as i do believe that it is the holistic approach that out perform any other single approach.

Our programs are structured to deliver optimal and lasting results.  

Initial emotional and energetic changes will occur in your first session.  Our 30 day-program is structured around clearing and revitalizing energy levels and our 90 day- program is inclusive of emotional and energy clearings, rebuilding and re-structuring sabotaging thought patterns and energy levels. Deep and transformational change takes the desire to change and commitment. 

To uncover and change ingrained thought patterns, re-establish new habits and behavior, change attitudes within relationships, takes more than just 2 – 3 coaching sessions.   Without commitment and taking responsibility for your personal well-being, these changes may quite quickly revert back into their old patterns, because these patterns are ingrained and often trapped as truths in your subconscious mind, body memory, neurons and tissue.  Re-establishing a habit may take from 21 days to three months. 

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